Literary Pictures (notepad)

Here I post very short word pictures. The modern publishing industry has moved away from taking time to visualize worlds and scenes. Dialog takes over the painting of what occurs in the minds eye using words. For those with artist talent, I’ll post artwork as headers for those looking for exposure.

Beneath the Old Latern
By Z. A. Crum

She stood at the corner of two dirt roads, roughly two miles from her home. The normally dark landscape lit in a dim blue monochrome. Lamplight puddled orange around her, giving her both solace and a sense of isolation. The air smelled of wet field grass and mud, crisp enough for her to tighten her coat around herself.
Years before Michael had met her here, two young lovers breaking away from the mundane life of their families. Fierce and bright, their emotions and the light in his eyes had been.
A broken mosaic of clouds stuttered across the face of the moon, shifting shadows across the hills. Time passed, she shifted on sore feet, looked wistfully down the road-towards where Michael once lived. Wanderlust, the kind she felt when she was a child, overcame her. With a sigh she stifled that yearning at turned away.
The road home, familiar and well trodden, guided her away from the security and longing of that pool of light and shadow.

Musical Inspiration:
Cold Specks
Blank Maps
(I Predict a Graceful Expulsion)


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